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Come to Mind Makers Communications because we specialize in custom-tailoring web designs – backed by wide experience in the art and craft of web-design for a variety of customers. Our constant objective? To provide eye-catching designs that help our customers achieve an online presence – regardless of size of concern. To provide global exposure of your products and services, our team can ensure that the visitors to your website globally through the World Wide Web will provide an informative, user-friendly and interactive experience.

Our team of professional and expert team are extremely innovative using distinctive ideas and skills to provide the finest website designing services. We have already also used our brand-development skills for creating Google, Yahoo and Msn-friendly website designs. Through our services and creative inputs, your business can enhance your business and develop the appropriate look and feel.

Our web designers are specialists in using Flash Web design, the ultimate in cutting edge technology. They have in-depth knowledge of this innovative tool and technology which helps develop eye-opening, world-class websites which vary from simple Flash web design presentations to the most complex.

Our two-pronged approach – of being client-centric and quality-driven – places us apart from even above-average web-design organisations. We undertake projects ranging from small business web design to a large database business web design and our portfolio incorporates both static and dynamic website designing inclusive of several features that ensure the following:

• Draw attention
• Easy-to-navigate system
• Exceed expectations of revenue generation

The competitively priced Language Convertibility option is incorporated to help a visitor convert the language of a web page to suit his or her preference – the focus being to cater to every client’s budget need.

Static Website Design: In today’s world, it is vital to have one’s own website – whether it is as an individual or a company – and is very common. It is even considered as a business card. Static website designing (SWD) involves all necessary data about the business and is an e-source of representation for your business and services.

Our SWD is created by using HTML while the designing is done with either graphics or using CSS styles. Against this, the dynamic websites are created using various programming languages such as ASP, ASP.net, PHP, JSP, AJAX etc.

The very basis of our creating the static HTML website for our clients is first understanding the client’s requirement, analyzing and designing the appropriate lay-out which translates your business logic into the desired application. Where updating the products or services is not required the static website is most appropriate. This is because they are ideal for downloading images, brochures etc., and are easy to navigate besides being browsers.

To project your businesses online in the most eye-catching and distinctive manner, we have a team of dedicated professional designers working together. Using our customized web solutions, we are always apart from other web designers. That’s because our specialty is providing stand-along SWD services right from investigation and conceptualization, through comprehensive planning and framing to completion and execution of your ideas in in the most strategically correct manner to launch your identity online.

Advantages of Static Website Design
• Easily created and hosted
• More cost-effective than dynamic website designs because of easy navigation for search engines
• Faster download of images, brochures even on lower bandwidths
• Every page of the website can be edited but basic knowledge is required
• Can be previewed before adding live
• Layout of the web page can changed when necessary
• Content is under direct control

Dynamic Web Design (DWD)
Dynamic Web Design also has a number of advantages and Mind Makers Communications has far-reaching expertise for creating whatever Dynamic Web Design meets a client’s particular requirements. Our dedicated professionals have designed wide-ranging websites for Indian and foreign organisations and more than measured up to our diverse clients’ expectations. Our DWD applications are available with a user-friendly interface, effective for a great deal of interactivity.

• Compatible dynamic flash web designs
• Unlimited product display
• Inquiry basket
• Online shopping cart
• Payment gateway integration
• User-friendly control panel
• Facility to manage image, text, links manually
• User-friendly control panel for making all kinds of changes/additions.

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Text Classified

Text Classified

These types of advertisements are the most cost-effective mode of advertisements. These are priced on a per line/per word basis. The basic classified advertisement has the first word in capital/bold with all remaining lines/words in regular style in a simple paragraph.

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Display Classified

These types of advertisements are little costlier than the regular classifieds. These are priced on a per column centimetre/per square centimetre basis. The format uses a border in a variable point size for higher visibility and greater impact. This style also allows the use of a logo or a visual. It can be in colour/black & white. Classified Display advertisements are acceptable only in single column i.e. the width of Classified Display advertisements can vary from 3 cms to 4 cms and the maximum height of Classified Display advertisements can be 52 cms but should not be less than 4 cms and 5 cms as per the publication guidelines.

Display Ad

These types of advertisements are the high-impact variety and the costliest types of advertisements. These advertisements can be of any size in width/height but should not be less than 4 cms in width and 3 cms in height. They can in be colour/black & white.

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