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At Mind Makers Communications, web marketing SEO Solutions Services are custom designed to meet clients’ specific web marketing needs and promote the websites to their full potential so as to impact more visitors and ultimately gain more exposure and respect in the online market.

SEO is basically the technique that helps in advertising a company’s business online to attract the customers. With business increasingly becoming online, a rapid change is taking place with continuous technical advancement to accelerate business dynamics. This where Mind Makers Communications’ SEO professionals improve awareness of clients and what they are marketing. To improve clients’ trade, the clients’ markets and trends are carefully analysed by our experts to create an individual solution for an individual need, thereby enhancing profitability.

The high quality of our SEO looks at not just how many people are linked to you or how important they are. It also informs what they are saying while linked to you or are searching for you. Actually, Google and other such search engines now look beyond the anchor tag to also the text surrounding it. Our attempt is to establish the significance of the contents of your pages. This means that it is a good practice to use keywords as the internal linking text.

Keyword Research Service
Always playing an active role in SEO is KRS. These allow you to find new keywords fast to best assist your business to raise your business and create a big impact of your company. Our Keyword Research Guide and Advanced Keyword Research Services make this possible.

For a successful online profile or website, everyone must be aware of identifying popular keywords, selecting right keywords and applying them correctly. Thus, our specialization covers:
• Keywords search services
• Keywords research services
• Keywords optimization
• Keywords analyzation

While SEO consists of all the leading and basic factors, a page's Keywords are most important because visitors reach search engines but use different keywords to search the requirement. Thus, Keyword search is the most important part of SEO and website promotion requirements. It is a basic plan of selecting the most optimized performance required keywords and tags that are used by visitors to the web to find your webpage for learning more about the services or products your company offers. Our Keywords Analyzation Services are offered at the most cost-effective effective.

Pay Per Click (PPC)
PPC advertising is a very makeable and usable system. It always assists advertisers to generate a lot of web traffic through the effective search engines. Top PPC solutions services depend almost totally on paid advertising.

The advertising scenario has been transformed by the Internet. Before its advent, this was an extremely expensive and time-consuming process which had limited reach. Today, PPC services are instantly available at the fingertips of computer operators – at home, office or elsewhere.

Website submissions
Mind Makers Communications provides a complete range of online website submissions including web designing, web hosting, e-commerce solutions, multimedia solutions, Internet marketing and much more.

Advantages of search engine submission:
• Increases your back-links
• Improves website ranking
• Accelerates website traffic
• Is cost-effective

SEO Tools SEO tools provide a personalized and private optimization score, peer comparison, and value assessment for your organization. This online tool for SEO assists you in analyzing and measuring the ranking potential of your web pages.

It more than analyzes the Meta Tags of your pages. It attempts to use the same spider technology as the search engine spiders themselves. The tool generates a report with specific project recommendations whether your organization can then generate high-impact cost-savings with minimal investment.

Meta Tag
Meta tags are HTML codes which are interleaved into the header after the title tag in a web page. A meta tag is not seen by the users. The purpose of a meta tag is to run the meta document data to the user agent such as a search engine. It is useful in getting better results from the major search engine. A good meta tag brings you to the top rank and for a high on the web page, you have to put the right keyword that you want to with your meta tag. The description of meta tag explains the content of your website. It is important not to repeat the keyword in the meta tag. It also provides the important information to the web browser.

Our meta tag optimization services provide a personalized and private optimization score, peer comparison, and value assessment for your organization. This optimization tool assists you to analyze and measure the ranking potential of your web pages.

It not only analyzes the meta tags of your pages. It tries to use the same spider technology as the search engine spiders themselves. The tool generates a report with specific project recommendations whether your organization can generate high-impact costs-savings with minimal investment.

Why use Meta Tag:
• They describe your site in the search results
• They determine what the indexes of your site are
• They increase traffic on your website
• They help your page get be listed in the search engine

The key to meta tags is to let search engines know what the content within your web page is. Creating meta tags that do not relate to your content will give very negative results and may get your web site banned from search engines.

Why us:
• Mind Makers Communications’ online search engine submission services are availed at highly competitive prices
• Mind Makers Communications design search-engine-friendly sites
• Mind Makers Communications’ services are available in India and abroad
• Mind Makers Communications makes crawling of the sites by the search engine spider easy
• Mind Makers Communications have experienced SEO experts
• Mind Makers Communications’ experts carry out research to find keywords according to individual client’s product or service

Mind Makers Communications is the search engine optimization company that offers complete search engine optimization solutions including website submissions. Our main motto is to design a website and then promote the website. Search engines are the medium through which a user browses the Internet and, for a website to be successful, it has to have a higher rank on search.

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Text Classified

Text Classified

These types of advertisements are the most cost-effective mode of advertisements. These are priced on a per line/per word basis. The basic classified advertisement has the first word in capital/bold with all remaining lines/words in regular style in a simple paragraph.

For Instant Ad Booking is a leading website for the online booking of classified advertisements in newspapers. It is the most secured and easiest way to book Classified, Classified Display and Display Advertisements.

Display Classified

These types of advertisements are little costlier than the regular classifieds. These are priced on a per column centimetre/per square centimetre basis. The format uses a border in a variable point size for higher visibility and greater impact. This style also allows the use of a logo or a visual. It can be in colour/black & white. Classified Display advertisements are acceptable only in single column i.e. the width of Classified Display advertisements can vary from 3 cms to 4 cms and the maximum height of Classified Display advertisements can be 52 cms but should not be less than 4 cms and 5 cms as per the publication guidelines.

Display Ad

These types of advertisements are the high-impact variety and the costliest types of advertisements. These advertisements can be of any size in width/height but should not be less than 4 cms in width and 3 cms in height. They can in be colour/black & white.

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